16-Gauge Stainless Steel CJ3A & CJ3B Body Kits

A complete kit includes tub, fuel support cup, tailgate w/hinges & latches, fenders w/steps, windshield frame w/pivots, rubber & hold-down latches, grille w/rubber, and hood with hinges & hold-down latches.  These stainless steel body kits are handmade in the Philippines.

Why choose stainless steel over any other material? Above all else stainless steel will never rust.  Furthermore, stainless steel is absolutely beautiful!  Even though it never needs painting, it does hold the paint very well.  Stainless steel withstands stress and denting (flying rocks, etc.) far better than 18-gauge “hot rolled steel,” aluminum, or fiberglass that are used to manufacture other body kits offered for sale.

Corrosion resistance is one of the major advantages of the stainless steel body for the folks who live in states that use chemicals on their roads to control ice and snow.  We have had many reports about rust problems from vehicle owners in those states.

If you do not need a full kit, we also offer not only Stainless Steel grilles and tailgates, but we have a complete stock of fenders, windshield frames, hoods, and other hardware parts.  Give us a call! 1-800-822-6313