Our SST Flat Fender Body Kit Prices

All kits contain the following SST parts:

  1. Tub w/Fuel Filler Support Cup
  2. Tailgate w/Hinges, Loops, and Bolts
  3. Windshield Frame w/Hardware and Cowl Rubber
  4. Hood w/Hinges and Hold-Down Latches
  5. Fenders w/Steps
  6. Grille w/Rubber, Headlight Buckets and Rings
Model:Wheel Base:Kit Price:Sports BarsBars w/RodsCanvas TopTotal w/Top
3A Stretch93.3"$4,394$368$522$374$5,290
3B Stretch93.3"$4,506$368$522$374$5,402
CJ3A Limo103.0"$5,220$466$640$418$6,278**
CJ3B Limo103.0"$5,429$466$640$418$6,487**

** Wheel Base of many small 4WD vehicles (Special order only)


“Semi-SST” Flat Fender Body Kits (Tub, Hood & Cowl of Galvanized – all the rest is SST)

ModelWheel BaseKit PriceSports BarsBars w/RodsCanvas TopNotes
CJ3A80.1"$3,480$326$388$326In stock 12/10/11
CJ3B80.1"$3,552$326$388$326In stock 12/10/11
3A Stretch93.3"$3,792$368$522$374Special order only
3B Stretch93.3"$3,888$368$522$374Special order only

“All Galvanized” Flat Fender Body Kits w/same equipment as above (SST Grille optional at $199.00)

ModelWheel BaseKit PriceSports BarsBars w/RodsCanvas TopNotes
CJ3A80.1"$2,882$326$388$326In stock 12/10/11
CJ3B80.1"$2,996$326$388$326In stock 12/10/11
3A Stretch93.3"$3,094$368$522$374Expected Feb 2012
3B Stretch93.3"$3,208$368$522$374Expected Feb 2012

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